Thursday, January 2, 2014

Covered Trades $EUR/USA closed $612.75

Good Morning and happy Thursday, Fans! I Hope you all had an amazing New Years Day Celebration :)

In regard to the trades that went through; As I anticipated a target price of  1.37030, the trades were indeed covered closing a profit of $612.75. $EUR/USA continued to trade downward, thus I could have maximized greater gains, however it's important to have clear objectives and be content with strategy that gives you results. This is only the  beginning, and viewing setbacks as a spring for greater success is what it's all about :)

The $EUR/USA, in my opinion looks like it would need to drop down some more for me to get in. I'm waiting for the RSI to hit the 30 level for me to make a decision to get in as a buy and stay within my margin of safety in the case that I would need to whether out market swings and / or adjust my trade to stay competitive and reach my goal.

Thank You for Reading

- Mr. Brilliantier

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