Thursday, March 20, 2014

Closed Trade EURUSA ... Per prev post | Account History % Chg + 15.14%

Hello Brilliantiers, 

This market, (the EURO / USD currency pair) finally declined in price to the 1.37 level and I decided to take the chance and close the trade with some type of profit earlier today. Even tho the profit was only $68, what I really wanted to do was get out of this trade and wait on the sidelines. 

I anticipated this market to go up, but not as high as it did in the past couple days; which makes think that there's more buyers than sellers and may possibly continue this way in the next coming days and weeks. In my opinion, currency trading is all about making the fast trades. Trying to tactfully anticipate market trends and news reports to hopefully capitalize on the moment. One of greatest things about trading is that it has the ability to train oneself to become more adaptable and see things for what they really are and not what you think it is. 

By maintaining a Forex journal, this allows me the opportunity to see my strengths and weaknesses, so I would be able to get going on a better plan than what I thought was suitable a month ago. 

I learned thus far that in my trading discipline, patience and margin of safety are two of my greatest friends in this game. I find it amazing how what starts of as a passion and a type of Art can be streamlined to a science. But this a conversation for another post :) ... What matters most is that you follow your passion, learn and grow for personal Success in any calling in life. Wishing you all the best!!!  

{ Account History % Chg + 15.14% }

Thanks for Reading
& Happy Trading, 

- Mr. Brilliantier

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