Friday, February 28, 2014

Young Love

It's a rainy Friday afternoon and I listened to your song about 5 times and then I decide to write about my memories and feelings I had when I was in high school and throughout college, When I met the most beautiful girl. I must have listened to SomeTime around Midnight by The Airborne Toxic Event about 40 times jamming out while I wrote this article... Time flew by, it must have felt like 5 minutes later when I finished writing. Thanks for this song. It brought back some great memories when I was younger.

Young Love 

Have you ever been so madly and deeply in love with some one that it took on a whole new life style, a complete shift in personal consciousness. You believe, She's so beautiful, never have you seen this beauty before. You love her, you want to care for her. You found treasure you never knew existed, and all you want to do is preserve it. You know in that moment, that she's always going to be beautiful to you, because somehow, you ascend your perception of her physical body and recognize that eternal essence that is her beautiful charm. Her quiet essence of who she really is and you agree that she's perfect (experiencing a little moment of eternity). 

It's like you just walked into your garden and it's so beautiful and its essence smells so good, and all you want to do is tender and care for it. You finally found your purpose, and now life seems clearer and brighter, lighter and more joyful... And a little while later, reality sets in, that "we want what we can't have" because she's also on her pursuit in finding her other half to build her life in joy, just not with you... And it's natures way of telling you, indirectly, that you officially grew up (and life is not fair) and it's time to take responsibility for your own life, and hopefully help others along the way. We all have that underlying thread of desire which comes more natural to us and is perceived as peace, and unfortunately has the illusion that we are moving forward and making progress. But in reality, we are just spinning in circles in the same spot. 

This song reminds me of that feeling I had when I met the most beautiful girl in the world. When I was in high school, it was puppy love and it makes me smile to remember that feeling because it was magical and heart breaking; yet the needed push that develops real personal growth.   

For sure they wrote this song from the heart otherwise I wouldn't be able to write this from the heart.

Thanks for Reading Brilliantiers
& have a Great Friday Night,

Never take life's unpredictable drama that we make up to seriously... We all go through puppy love, all different type of challenges, and misunderstandings, some earlier or later than others, and the most important thing is to recognize that it's just part of life, and that which is real is meaningful and is eternal which is true wealth beyond material gains.

- Mr. Brilliantier

The Airborne Toxic Event - Sometime Around Midnight 

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