Monday, February 17, 2014

Wine Not Santa Monica Mountains

Good morning and happy Monday, Brilliantiers!

I hope you all had a fantastic and successful weekend. I would like to share one of my treasure hideaway's in Los Angeles. Whenever I feel like having a chill day with someone special, friends or family, the Santa Monica Mountains comes to mind. The air is fresh, the scenery is always beautiful and the vibes are relaxing (... a perfect opportunity to re-charge your batteries and get ready for the week). 

The other day when I was relaxing and leisurely catching up on some interesting reads, I stumbled upon a really cool article on about some pretty cool health benefits on drinking wine. 

8 Health Benefits of Drinking Wine by Christine Quinlan talks about amazing health benefits associated with drinking wine :) ... The 8 benefits are: 

1. Promotes Longevity
2. Reduces heart attack
3. Lowers risk of heart disease 
4. Reduces risk of type 2 diabetes 
5. Lowers risk of stroke 
6. Cuts risk of cataracts
7. Cuts risk of colon cancer 
8. Slows brain decline 

'Wine Not' spark a connection where the air is fresh, the wine is made to drink and the fine cheese is ready to be served ;) 

Fun Times Los Angeles! 

Thanks for Reading! 


- Mr. Brilliantier 

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