Friday, February 7, 2014

Personal Philosophy for Health, Happiness, and Success

Good Morning and happy Friday, Brilliantiers! I hope you all have an awesome weekend!

I would like to share one of my philosophies in regards to personal success (Health, Happiness and Success). In my opinion, It's always important to maintain an open mind, be friendly, share and have genuine confidence in yourself and others. I believe we are all connected, therefore, your success is in indeed crucial for the sake of mankind and evolution :)

... What makes certain sense and/ or clarity now may unfortunately fall out tomorrow or the next day, and so on and so forth because certain fundamental attributes (insights and knowledge) may be lacking... and that's why it's important to develop a system, a personal philosophy for success. Essentially, it's your system for personal Health, Happiness, and Success (actually aligning yourself to life sustaining habits) so when external outcomes goes against your inner clarity (goals and objectives), you have a personal vision that looks at the bigger picture and will not concern itself with micro 'hiccups'.

Pertaining to Health, Happiness and Success, in my opinion:

Great Health is a state of being of feeling positive. Being comfortable in your own skin and helping others achieve their goals in life.

...And I believe, a critical component to be aware of in regards to life sustaining results is the difference between your body producing endorphins or adrenaline in the long term. In my opinion, Endorphins serves as a happy chemical your body naturally produces while adrenaline, on the other hand, is a 'find a solution to a problem' chemical your body produces in states of emergency. It's important to realize that too much adrenaline, even though your intentions may be good, can eventually burn you out.

Endorphin chemicals are slow pace, chill vibes, appreciating the moment kind of attitude. Sometimes, when I want to get some good old fashion endorphins, I would jog slowly or walk just to walk, and some may consider it a meaningless work out, however, this is a great way to increase one's happy chemicals.

... So I wont cover a mile in 8 minutes, no big deal.

True Happiness is finding your calling and pursuing your passion for excellence...literally taking it one day at a time.

Real Success is the result of the fruits of your labor. I always believe that success is a system, its not as glorious and glamorous as what my imagination would like it to be. It's an open ended platform, a blank canvas and your the artist...

In order to lose weight for example, you must plan your diet and lifestyle accordingly. You would have to make goals and take it day by day and if its a real challenge, hour by hour until you get used it (I know, the day goes by painfully slow). It's important to Prioritize a lifestyle factoring what's most important to the least important, so that external circumstances beyond your control will not sway you off your personal road for success.

... now if there happens to be a demand for your personal skills, the money will follow in quantities ;) The prestige of a skillful hunter 3000 years ago does not have the demand society will pay top dollar for compared to a professional surgeon, lawyer, architect, and of course entertainers such as A list actors, writers and professional athletes.

... And that's why I trade within a healthy margin, for it serves as a shield when the markets advances or declines against my anticipations.

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- Mr. Brilliantier

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