Thursday, February 20, 2014

Covered GBPUSD Trade | recap

Hi Brilliantiers, 

Here's the latest on the Forex Journal { Forex Account 7K } : 

... Well I placed two really bad trades that went against my anticipated target price. The cumulative loss within the trade was at one point north of $1,100, however since neither trade never closed in the negative, there's no actual loss per Profit / Loss (account history).  

At one point I noticed that the margin level was at 135% and in my trading strategy (system) that's not smart trading and can result in further trading catastrophe like a similar repeat of the Trade on this blog { Loss - 1,998 } ... and the underlying theme with that trade and this trade was being Quick to the Trade to make Quick profit disregarding, in my opinion, the most major cushion in margin trading, and that's having a healthy margin of safety to withstand "economic storms" whether its a temporary setback contrary to your analysis, possibly due to news reports, data, and so on and so forth. A solid analysis essentially streamlines your personal strategy, justifying that the means to the end are the same and its patience and discipline that will reward you. 

In moving forward, I will patiently wait out the EURUSA 1 lot Trade that's floating in the market to hopefully Close at the T/P 1.36460 and continue to review my Forex posts throughout the blog, and my personal analysis to hopefully gain more insights on trading to successfully apply these for further success :) 

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- Mr. Brilliantier

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