Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday enjoying Hollywood Hills reservoir

Happy Sunday, Everyone! 

The Hollywood hills is known for pretty houses, scenic views and positive vibes. For the most part, Hollywood types, such as comedians, actors, producers and writers live in the Hollywood Hills. When it comes to enjoying LA, Hollywood is where its at. You got your shopping, sight seeing and cafes just around the corner, once you make it down the hill ;) 

... I believe it's a primary to make time out of your day to enjoy the moment... you know, slowing it down and enjoying the scene around you. In my opinion, the best ideas comes from a silent, peaceful environment where the mechanics of nature is found rather than the productivity of man in the creative room.  

Today I enjoyed a peaceful hike around the Hollywood Hills reservoir. This is an Amazing location in the heart of Los Angeles.

Hope you can make it here some time to enjoy the moment!

Thanks for Reading, 


- Mr. Brilliantier 

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  1. Looks beautiful! Very interesting blog :) Definitely following to see what happens in this adventure of yours :)


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