Thursday, January 30, 2014

Profit from initial deposit is $435.93, % Chg + 6.2%

Good Morning, Brilliantiers!

In regards to the trading activity:

The other day I decided to scalp for quick gains on a SELL 1 lot EURUSA and unfortunately, I was not able to close out that trade because of the FIFO rule... so I closed the previous trade with a loss of about $462.32 and $4.50 (total 1 lot).

I anticipated the EURUSA market to decline per analysis I use and the Trade was covered at 1.36000 with a profit of $786 :)

In Total the Accounts profit from initial deposit is $435.93

... and the total percentage return from deposit is 6.2%
... and the total percentage return from 12-27-13 is 48.72%

Thanks for Reading
& Happy Trading


- Mr. Brilliantier

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  1. I love learning more about trading through your blog, it's all so interesting!


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