Thursday, January 16, 2014

Last trade closed for $286 gain

Hello Fans!

Per the previous post, oh how awesome it would have been if that pending trade went through but it was a couple pips to high. So I adjusted my trading position by cancelling the pending trade (Sell Limit 1.37 to Take Profit at 1.36330) and re-entered a trade to buy at 1.35955 to T/P at 1.36240, closing with a $286.00 gain :)

The first trade on the account shows a loss of $1,998.00 as you can see, mainly because in my opinion I was way to over-leveraged and as a result, loss big time. lesson learned, stay within your margin of safety :)

Almost about to get back to principle deposit on the account. Hope you're enjoying this trading journey along with the inspirational daily quotes and positive vibes. stay tuned as the journey continues.

Thanks for Reading
& Happy Trading


- Mr. Brilliantier

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